New York

The New York team provides a broad range of investment banking services with a primary focus on transactions in the private markets.

Capital Solicitations

  • We provide our clients services related to securing financing to support their acquisitions and the development and construction of greenfield projects.
  • When knowledge of non-recourse credit structuring is required, our understanding of complex commercial arrangements and expertise in financial structuring is invaluable in the industry.
  • Our clients value our proficiency when operating in competitive markets with merchant revenues as part of their business model. We offer strategies on how to mitigate risk such as securing hedging arrangements to attract necessary funding.
  • Our market presence allows us to source financing on best available terms, across the entire capital spectrum ranging from senior and subordinated debt to preferred and common equity, venture capital and development funding.
  • When balance sheet or strategic considerations require entering into partnerships, we structure joint ventures with industry partners, financial and tax-equity investors and conduct solicitation processes to identify and select synergistic partners.
  • Our diverse list of contacts enables us to consistently find the right investors for our clients.
Mergers and Acquisitions

  • We are a trusted advisor to clients looking to acquire and sell assets on a stand-alone basis or as part of a portfolio and have breadth of experience with auction processes and negotiated transactions.
  • Our global presence allows us to execute transactions efficiently, by accessing investors worldwide.
  • We assist our clients in developing strategies for marketing transactions, executing them proficiently, and offering advice on how best to manage the process to reach the finish line. Our clients receive senior level attention throughout the transaction process.
  • We coordinate due diligence teams of independent market, technical, legal and accounting consultants on behalf of our clients.
  • We are experts in developing dynamic pro forma cash flow projections and financial statements for the underlying transactions, incorporating input from our clients’ independent consultants and advisors.

  • Our entrepreneurial culture has allowed us to capitalize on not only opportunities in the traditional independent power business, but also in the growing renewable energy sectors including solar technologies, wind and biomass-based power generation, and waste-to-energy projects.
  • Equally, our qualifications encompass transactions in the infrastructure sectors such as gas and refined products pipelines, LNG terminals, and new and emerging technologies.
  • We are among the few experts in structuring non-recourse financing for both second-generation biofuels and anaerobic digestion projects, success of which is heavily dependent on both federal and state regulatory frameworks.

  • We are knowledgeable about all major North American power markets and opportunities they offer, when Power Purchase Agreements are not easily available. From markets with minimal incentive structures (ERCOT and California) to markets with clearly identifiable structured products (PJM, NEPOOL, NYISO and certain Canadian provinces), each market requires a unique approach to offtake and hedging strategies to secure the required financing.
  • We follow our clients to adjacent markets including Canada and Central and Latin America, in each case offering our range and recognized quality of services.

Hong Kong / Kuala Lumpur

Auria Capital’s team in Asia is an established and recognized world leader in delivering financial services to its clients, whether assisting them in arranging financing for their projects or preparing valuations.

As the recipient of numerous industry awards, the team has worked with all key providers of capital, including multilaterals, and is committed to working with clients to execute successful transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Positioned with a global network to advise on cross-border acquisitions and divestures.
  • Skilled at exercising rapid and effective due diligence and devising innovative solutions.
  • Impart relationship-driven, as opposed to transaction-driven, advice.
  • Provide valuations for majority and minority shareholders, regulatory authorities and in disputes as expert mediators.

  • Offer access to market players seeking to restructure finances or buy distressed assets.
  • Qualified to negotiate with lenders and creditors.
  • Skilled at offtake and supply-contract evaluations.
  • Able to bring a creative approach and solutions.
Merchant Power Projects

  • Experienced in major power markets.
  • Understand economics and dynamics of competitive electric markets and global interests.
  • Rely on first-hand knowledge of relevant market valuation approaches.
  • Harness proven experience in placing debt and equity in greenfield power projects.
Renewable Energy

  • Advise market players throughout the value chain from manufacturers to developers to financial institutions.
  • Experienced in securing development, construction and permanent debt and equity financing.
  • Offer valuation capabilities supported by extensive database of comparable transactions.
  • Consider participating in select projects through equity positions and carried interests.

  • Experienced globally with every type of market structure and regulatory system to better advise on implications of different options.
  • Advise on pre-privatization restructuring.
  • Showcase flexibility from having worked with both buyers and sellers.
  • Possess wealth of cross-border contacts having completed deals globally.